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Luxury Bath Technologies was worth the extra money

Luxury Bath
Our shower was 30 years old so we looked at different companies and we felt that Luxury Bath Technologies would do the best job.  The sales representative was a very nice gentleman. He definitely knew his product and was very easy to contact. Our house was built in the 70's, and the Luxury Bath installers worked with us and told us what was going on.  Luxury Bath was extremely top of price, but we love it. Read more

Luxury Bath Technologies upgraded our bathroom for my mother in-law

Luxury Bath
My mother-in-law was coming to live with me and she needed a walk-in shower so I was asking around.  A customer at work has told me about Luxury Bath and so I went in. I had gone and looked at several other places as well but I liked what I've seen at Luxury Bath. And the owner, who we had worked with, was very informative and helped me along the way, because I didn't know what to do or exactly what I needed. And he was very familiar... Read more

Luxury Bath Technologies made bathing safer for us

Luxury Bath
The tub that was in our home was unsafe and my husband almost fell twice on it, so it wasn't the kind to be climbing in and out of for him because he's 70.  We had to put something else in for both of us. So we got Luxury Bath to remodel our bathroom for us and their installers did it in no time. We also got a new tub that's handicap adaptable. It is 40 x 60 and it has the hand bars and the glass door. The way they put it in for... Read more
I had Luxury Bath Technologies do a bathroom for me 16 years ago and three months ago, I needed an addition to the house and a bathroom.  There was some construction involved with it that they could do so I said, "You know what, come on in and do it right, and be...
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It was time to remodel my bathroom and we decided to go with Luxury Bath Technologies for the reason that one company took care of the whole project. We bought a shower six months ago. Everyone was good, polite and upfront and everything went good.
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We only had one bathroom that had a shower and I wanted to remodel but didn't want it to be a two-week project.  I went with Luxury Bath Technologies due to the time they could get it done. The sales rep was very nice. She came to the house and gave me the...
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This is the second time we’ve used Luxury Bath.  We were so pleased with the one that we purchased in 2015 that when we moved, we went with them again. We purchased a walk-in shower. We have no problems with Luxury Bath. They have very good people.  I’ve raved...
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My bathroom was old and it needed to be updated.  The people from Luxury Bath seemed to be knowledgeable and quick. The sales rep talked about what we wanted to do and gave us various options. We decided to put a new shower in place of the old tub and we also got a...
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Our house is probably 50 years old and it had never been remodeled.  We rented it out for a few years and it was in bad shape. So we wanted to get one of those showers, so we wouldn't have any trouble getting in it when we got older. We had two or three people...
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My girlfriend, who is handicapped, was having trouble getting in and out of a regular tub.  Luxury Bath Technologies did a whole remodel on the unit and re-did the walls. They stripped it down to the two-by-fours and then re-insulated. They re-did all the plumbing...
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I met somebody at a home show at the fairgrounds and they talked me into buying a new shower from Luxury Bath.  It's great and I love it. It was a little pricey, but I pay for quality.  It's well-worth the money and it really does make the bathroom look...
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We needed a new shower for the safety of my mother. We liked Luxury Bath product offering as well as its quality, so we got them. The sales rep was very thorough when we talked and overall, we've had a positive experience with them.
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What a transformation was made in our master bath!  Luxury Bath took out our 1970's avocado ceramic tile shower and ceramic tile floor which had water damage underneath it. They installed the most beautiful shower with lovely shower doors that glide easily!...
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