Luxury Bath has done two baths for us.  They did a master bath a year ago, then did a guest bath for us within the last six weeks. They did a very good job and we're happy with it. They have an office located close to where we live and we noticed their store in...
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I’m handicapped and I was trying to find a good set up for me. I talked to a couple of other companies, but the gentleman from Luxury Bath was the most pleasant one of the three guys I talked to. It was my first time purchasing from Luxury Bath. The sales rep asked me...
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I'm disabled and I needed handrails. It's time then to remodel my bathroom. My neighbor got Luxury Bath and I looked into this company as well. I called them and they came out and sold me one. They told me what they could do and I did it. The representative was...
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I had kidney failure and wasn't able to use the tub so it was a good time to remodel the bathroom.  And we were very pleased with our experience with Luxury Bath. The sales rep came to our house, explained everything to us, and was very polite. Their installers...
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After three years of going upstairs and taking a shower and getting over a tub and being a little disabled, it was time to remodel the bathroom.  We checked into one remodeling company and it was almost $10,000 and we couldn't definitely afford that. The...
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Luxury Bath did a very professional and timely renovation of our master bath.  First was the excellent removal of a Jacuzzi 2 person bath and a separate shower while leaving a very clean bathroom. Next was the construction of the behind the surface walls and...
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I am in love with my new shower. It only took 2 days and it looks great. The owner and installers were great. I would highly recommend them!
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We had a bathtub/shower job done by another company a few months ago and they did an awful job.  This time I used Luxury Bath and what a difference. They did a great job, were very professional, and were always on time. I would use them again and will recommend...
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We wanted to get rid of old bathtub and have a modern, spacious shower with anti-mold walls, seat and plenty of safety handrails. We got it in one week with professional finish as promised. Very little mess too!
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OMGOSH they did an amazing job.   Said it would take two days, took them one and a half. I love the new shower.   They were very professional.
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