Luxury Bath turned an old outdated bathroom into a beautiful showcase worthy of a magazine cover.  The crew’s workmanship, courtesy, and attention to detail turned my 40 year old bathroom into a modern, beautiful bath that I'm so proud to show off to my guest....
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What a difference!  Our new bathroom looks fantastic and the work was completed in no time, which was important for us since we only have one full bath in our home. The installers were fantastic from the minute they knocked on my door. Extremely professional and...
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Our shower was 30 years old so we looked at different companies and we felt that Luxury Bath Technologies would do the best job.  The sales representative was a very nice gentleman. He definitely knew his product and was very easy to contact. Our house was built in...
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My mother-in-law was coming to live with me and she needed a walk-in shower so I was asking around.  A customer at work has told me about Luxury Bath and so I went in. I had gone and looked at several other places as well but I liked what I've seen at Luxury...
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The tub that was in our home was unsafe and my husband almost fell twice on it, so it wasn't the kind to be climbing in and out of for him because he's 70.  We had to put something else in for both of us. So we got Luxury Bath to remodel our bathroom for us...
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I had Luxury Bath Technologies do a bathroom for me 16 years ago and three months ago, I needed an addition to the house and a bathroom.  There was some construction involved with it that they could do so I said, "You know what, come on in and do it right, and be...
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It was time to remodel my bathroom and we decided to go with Luxury Bath Technologies for the reason that one company took care of the whole project. We bought a shower six months ago. Everyone was good, polite and upfront and everything went good.
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We only had one bathroom that had a shower and I wanted to remodel but didn't want it to be a two-week project.  I went with Luxury Bath Technologies due to the time they could get it done. The sales rep was very nice. She came to the house and gave me the...
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This is the second time we’ve used Luxury Bath.  We were so pleased with the one that we purchased in 2015 that when we moved, we went with them again. We purchased a walk-in shower. We have no problems with Luxury Bath. They have very good people.  I’ve raved...
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My bathroom was old and it needed to be updated.  The people from Luxury Bath seemed to be knowledgeable and quick. The sales rep talked about what we wanted to do and gave us various options. We decided to put a new shower in place of the old tub and we also got a...
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